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Products we offer from Beckman Coulter

Flow Cytometry

We offer specialized instruments for routine or high complexity flow cytometric analysis designed with a deep understanding of the clinical workflow and the needs of the hematopathologist. We continue to innovate the most sensitive detection technology for researchers, utilizing side scatter technology for nanoparticle detection to discriminate both large and small particles while simultaneously collecting fluorescence detection data.



Our centrifuge portfolio ranges from the Microfuge line and larger, high-performance benchtop models to floor-model ultracentrifuges, and analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) instruments. An extensive line of centrifuge rotors is also available for your specific application area(s), and designed to accommodate a variety of sample volumes, g-forces and RPMs. In addition, to support this portfolio we offer supplies such as tubes, bottles and liners made from the durable materials you need for your research.


Cell Counters

Every solution we create starts with you, and the performance, accuracy and workflow efficiency you need. Reliable engineering is built in, so that you can count on your instrument to meet the demands of your lab time after time. We've continually introduced new innovations to improve your workflow culminating in a full family of cell counters including our Vi-CELL cell viability platform and the Multisizer 4e particle size analyzer.



Our portfolio of liquid and dry reagents supports discovery in countless areas including agriculture, cancer, cardiovascular, genetics, neuroscience and stem cell research.Choose proven Beckman Coulter systems and reagents for manual and automated DNA/RNA and clinical/research flow cytometry applications. We have an expanding portfolio of reagent systems and kits for today's life sciences labs.


Automation Systems

Expedite patient care and enhance laboratory efficiency with our automated clinical laboratory systems. Deliver rapid, consistent results to facilitate diagnosis and treatment—potentially improving patient care, emergency room times and patient/clinician satisfaction.