Our centrifuge portfolio ranges from the Microfuge line and larger, high-performance benchtop models to floor-model ultracentrifuges, and analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) instruments. An extensive line of centrifuge rotors is also available for your specific application area(s), and designed to accommodate a variety of sample volumes, g-forces and RPMs. In addition, to support this portfolio we offer supplies such as tubes, bottles and liners made from the durable materials you need for your research.

Explore our centrifuge portfolio below:


Reach the speeds you need for your separation demands

  • 5 models enable a fast array of discovery applications
  • Compatible with extensive rotor and labwaree options
  • Ensure maximum separation purity in the shortest possible time

High-Speed Centrifuges

Accelerate sample processing with the maximum g-force

  • Simple pelleting to rate zonal, elutriation and continuous flow separations
  • Simplified high throughput sample processing
  • Overcome shared lab challenges
  • Full range of rotors and adapters

Benchtop Centrifuges

Compact yet powerful and built to last

  • Refrigerated and controlled temperature models
  • Simple and quick setup and run
  • Available BioCertified rotors, canisters and covers

Analytical Ultracentrifuges

Macromolecule characterization in solution

  • Enables characterization of samples in their native state
  • A specialized ultracentrifuge with unique detection capabilities
  • Monitors a wide variety of particles
  • No standards required: relies on first principles of thermodynamics

Centrifuge Rotors

Extensive rotor library

  • Efficient, run-time reducing rotors
  • Designed, manufactured and tested with our centrifuges
  • Achieve separations that exceed your expectations
  • Many are BioCertified to provide optimum safety